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I Met My Harley Girl on

Whether you believe it or not, I have been single for the better part of my life, which means 28 years. And now, at the age of 30, I’m a husband to my biker women as well as a father to this lovely babe girl of 1 month old. So what happened that has changed my whole life? All stories begins from the famous online Harley dating site called

If you are a motorcycle man or motorcycle women who have been living a exciting Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, you must have heard the number one free biker dating site. Not only because it has the largest registered member of biker girls and biker men, but also because the elaborately designed features of the professional biker dating website. And as one of the single Harley riders who are aspiring for a romantic experience, I signed up after countless failed attempts when it comes to lead an active social life.

For a Harley man who has been single for his whole life, obviously, he can’t be having much confidence when it comes to approaching a girl. But luckily, thanks to the biker dating tips written by its veteran motorcycle rider and biker chicks and biker dudes who have successfully found their love on, I learned the most essential trick of how to attracting a girl, in another word, the law of attraction between motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude.

One day, a biker babe caught my eye on Her name is Shirley. As you can guess, she is the motorcycle babe of my life now. I sent her the first message asking a question, as what Shirley would call brilliant. Because, according to my motorcycle babe, tons of motorcycle guys come up to women by saying a simply Hi or Hey, which always lead to the situation of being ignored. Therefore, we started our conversation. The questions full of curiosity about each other went on back and forth and with time, I have gotten to know this motorcycle chick more and more and grown a more profound feeling to this interesting women Harley rider.

The day when she suggested meeting in person, I was actually panicking. Because I know it will be much more hard for me to initiate like I was online while facing a screen. Then I went to the forum section on where you share your own dating experience with the motorcycle lady or motorcycle gentleman. I was lucky enough to read the story of a male Harley eider who has a similar experience as me and I have definitely changed my mindset.

Suit on, I was off to meet this potential biker lady. Nervous? Yea, but you always gotta make the first move right? And surprisingly, things went on well, even me being shy was a way to gain her appreciation.

Believe me, it’s far from a fairy tale, but a true story that any of the Harley girl and Harley guy can have.

What Biker Girls Need to do to Make Him Commit

For biker girls who are dating a biker guy known for being a player-who dates multiple biker women at the same time, or simply flirts with more than one motorcycle women. No matter what the case is, this kind of motorcycle man owns a notorious reputation on biker dating sites. Regardless how eloquent or convincing your friends or family are, Harley women stick to the belief that the Harley man is the one, is the soul mate and the only problem of his is not willing to commit.

If that is the situation that you are in-being wondering and confusing about what to do next: whether is to give up on the biker guy that you really fancy or enjoying his affection while suffering from him wandering around other motorcycle girls, here are some Halrey dating tips to follow composed by a group of motorcycle dating expert on the most popular free biker dating site. And after reading this, motorcycle chicks will have a brand new perspective as well as useful ways to get them out of this suffering dilemma.

No single Harley riders, including every biker dude and biker babe, would like to feel that they are one of their biker partner’s choice. Which means it’s time for motorcycle babes to discard the outdated motorcycle dating rule of giving the motorcycle dude all your heart, and one day he will eventually be touched. Instead of calling a number that might never be picked up and waiting for the biker gentleman to get home eagerly, try to say this to him: “I’m a biker lady who live in the present. Just like you I’m not looking for anything serious. How do you say if we try out the open relationship?”

My dear motorcycle ladies, you might have your chins dropped now: why would I say something which is totally opposite to what I’m thinking now? Let me explain.

Unlike female Harley riders, the mid of male Harley riders navigate very differently. And one of the the most characteristic traits is that they don’t want to feel optional. Hearing what his motorcycle chick just said would probably drive them nuts immediately and then, they will put their ideas into practice. The man biker would want to get you, own you, and take possession of you. Just wait and see.

However, before using the trick to make the male motorcycle rider commit, it is important for female motorcycle rider to know if he’s the right one. Because women biker deserve no less and should make sure that the biker partner will be the one the take care of you, understand you and lend you a shoulder to cry on during dark days.

Thus motorcycle babes are expected to pay attention to details and trust their instincts, which are two of the most convincing proof that you have found a motorcycle dude of destiny, not of choice

Mistakes Biker Women often Make in a Relationship

Ever since the section called “expert’s dating advice” has launched, a tremendous amount of biker men and biker women have enormously benefited from it when it comes to optimize the quality of their intimate relationship. As a relationship counselor as well as a veteran biker with more than ten years’ experience on biker dating sites, I’m always on the front line hearing all kinds of problems, curiosities as well as complaints between a motorcycle man and a motorcycle women. And recently, there is an increasing number of motorcycle babes questioning why their relationship with their special motorcycle dudes always go south leaving themselves without even knowing why. Thus today we are going to talk about the mistakes most commonly made by biker ladies in a relationship with their biker gentlemen.

There is a possibility that a gone-south relationship might be caused by multiple overlapped issues, and each of them might be appeared in the list cataloged down below.

Before reading how biker girls sabotage their relationship with biker guys, those strong and independent women enjoying riding on a Harley motorcycle bike should at first be aware of the difference of how motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy view, and navigate the world around them.

One of the most frequently made mistakes by motorcycle babes is that they either don’t know or show their values. Values can also be interpreted by the world principles. After being badly hurt by the motorcycle dude who has cheated you for more than once, biker chicks still won’t give up on chasing the playboys who is likely to hurt them again? My dear Harley girls, give yourself a moment to think about what you really want from a Harley guy. Making a list of the qualities you want and the ones you can’t tolerate in a motorcycle relationship will be helpful. Only if women Harley riders set up their standard first will they grant themselves a chance to be loved and respected. Also, keep in mind that a biker babe without principle also inflict wound on herself since she constantly allow other male Harley rider treat her shabbily.

Being too dependant is another mistake that women motorcycle riders often make when they try to attract male motorcycle riders. It is an old cliche that all the women should make place for male motorcycle riders to show off their masculine quality. Especially in the world of Harley dating websites where every single Harley rider enjoy the motorcycle riding lifestyle and is passionate about the excitement of the niche hobby, the quality of being independent is strongly appreciated. When your special biker partner invites you to a drink, offer to pay the bill.

Of course, Harley women are not the only reason that a relationship with Harley man won’t work out, and an article of biker dating advice about how men self-sabotge their love life will be posted next week.

Tips for Your Biker Babe to Miss You Like Crazy

In the last article we have gave out the online biker dating tips to biker girls and biker guys in order to help them to make their special Harley motorcycle rider miss them. And obviously, making the single Harley rider who is also into Harley Davidson bike riding and Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we have decided to team up with the other 3 largest online Harley dating websites to compile a list of comprehensive and effective online biker dating advice to give biker women and biker man who are on the love-seeking road more constructive suggestions. Without further due let’s get into it in no time!

Simplify your posts on social media.
If you’re one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who is constantly updating social media with your what you are going to do, what you are going to eat or what motorcycle you just bought recently, try to limit the amount you post. According to, the number one online biker dating site, social media is the easiest and most convenient way for biker women and biker man to stay connected, which can be a double-edged knife because it keeps everyone around you updated, however, at the same time, your single Harley rider will not actually miss you because they feel like you are around already with your countless posts. Thus, when you post less or even not at all, your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girl will start wondering what you are doing now and will start reach out to you in no time. On the other hand, limit communication with your biker chick or biker dude on social media as well because it can be even worse than social media posts. If you use social media to talk to your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude when he or she is not around, it is better to stop this method of communication for a while because it can be both plain and passionless. With the other way around, the man biker or women biker will be wanting to hear from you and of course start to miss you.

If you can, end the conversation first and leave your biker partner wanting more.
Alex White, the registered biker user on online motorcycle dating website who has had more than 50 successful dating experience said that Harley women and Harley man who start ending the call or ending the text conversation before their motorcycle biker does have more chance to make the other party miss him or her. This online biker dating tip will work even more if your motorcycle partner is usually the one to say goodbye. In a word, being the first to end the conversation will make both you and your motorcycle partner longing for you more, and keep you on his or her mind until you guys have finally met in person.

True Love Story of Harley Motorcycle Rider

Please let me introduce myself first. My name is David Lee and a manager of a multinational company in New York. Aside from working overtime, one of my biggest passion is to ride Harley Davidson bikes while enjoying my Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.

At the age of 30, my family starts to worry about my love life since I am constantly occupied by my work and my bike riding passion. I do aspire to conduct an active social life and find the girl that can also be my soulmate. But it is so hard to meet a Harley motorcycle rider already in real life, let along the biker guy or biker girls I am compatible with. And that’s when my life turning point happens-My friend who share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with me introduced me to and free biker dating sites, where I met my love of my life-a biker girl.

When I firstly signed up on the online Harley dating site, I felt confused like most of the other biker girls as well as biker guys who have no idea how to actually meet a biker women or biker man that they have a connection with. I spent a long time chatting with random motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys but not getting the feedback that I want. Then I realized the problem after reading some free biker dating tips that the online motorcycle dating sites provides: I didn’t spend time and energy on creating the profile page, I didn’t actually bother to read the profile of the motorcycle women as well as motorcycle men that I want to get to know, the way I greeted the Harley girls and Harley guys with was too tedious to stand out.

After pointed out the problems I have, I started to solve them one by one. 3 days after all the changes I made, I started chatting with the Harley girl that I matched with. The connection and tension between the male Harley rider and female Harley rider was easily built through the common ground we have-we both love riding giant Harley Davidson bike on the highway while chasing sunset; we both prefer dates with greasy burger and the giant four wheeled machine to the one with fancy restaurant where a glass of wine costs a fortune; we love traveling on our bikes to make random stops on the spot that we want. We also have a lot of difference which make us complement to each other.

Now it has been three years since we first met and my biker chick, motorcycle chick as well as biker babe has another identity now- my wife of four years.

The point of my telling my love story to all the motorcycle chicks as well as motorcycle dudes out there is to boost the confidence in them that it is not hard at all to meet the right motorcycle babes on online biker dating websites, just keep trying.

How to attract the biker on online biker dating sites

Dating a biker lover or motorcycle enthusiasts has always been one of the most heated topics among Harley motorcycle riders who are passionate about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And as we all know, finding a compatible biker man or biker woman on one of those free biker dating sites is always the most efficient and convenient way for motorcycle man and motorcycle women to conduct an active social life. However, getting a single Harley rider who is compatible is not always an easy task. But lucky for male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who are looking to find a compatible partner to ride the Harley Davidson bike with, there are 3 most important rules written by the expert who has been studying the relationship between biker girls and biker guys for more than a decade have just come to the fore. If you wish to optimize your dating experience with the help of online Harley dating sites, without further due, let’s take a look together.

Firstly, take your time. The number one biker dating tip that every motorcycle guys as well as motorcycle girls should follow is to have some patience. No matter you are looking for friendship, relationship or partnership, it is not always easy and simple to find someone who you can spend the rest of your life with. As the old but famous saying goes: good things take time. It is of great importance to be prepared mentally and have some patience. Even though the Internet has already greatly increased the efficiency to find a compatible partner to ride motorcycle with, it can still be time and energy consuming if you truly want to find a right biker partner for you.

Then create an interesting profile. There is a tremendous number of man biker as well as women biker, thus if you want to attract the attention of your ideal biker chicks or biker dudes, it is a must to create an eye catching profile. And the best way to be eye catching is to create an interesting profile. There are multiple ways to do it. First of all, use interesting language. For example, use the line of a famous movie to start your bio instead of being plain and boring by starting with the same Hi. Secondly, post pictures that speaks about your personality. If you are a big fan of cook, post some pictures of you cooking, which gives off an much more vivid image of your personality.

Last but certainly not least, be yourself. Sometimes motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes tend to picture a perfect image of oneself in order to attract the attention of other motorcycle babes. However, it is important to know that it doesn’t worth wasting your time and energy who fall for the forged image if you instead of the true version of yourself.

Now I wish every biker babe has a wonderful dating experience.