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Motorcycling has gained a growing popularity because of the excitement and the thrill the sport can bring. A tremendous amount of adventure seeker including quality singles are getting hooked up to biking wishing to meet like minded people over the same passion. Thus, in the age where online dating has become perfectly normal, even excepted, several dating websites designed for motorcyclists emerged over night. However, not only for those who are terribly indecisive, even for the good choice makers, facing a handful of seemingly equal options, it can be a grudge to pick one that really suit them. In order to make the complex task more easier for single bikers, our website has conducted a research among the most popular websites. According to a comprehensive analysis, we have drawn a conclusion that Harley Dating Site plays a leading role in the online dating industry for bikers.

Over the past 10 years, has been devoted to biker’s online dating and succeeded in connecting over 800,000 singles virtually, which is surely shocking as well as remarkable compared to its competitors. This achievement of can be mainly attributed to its massive member base which includes a total of 3 millions registered users from 28 countries and 5 continents, among whom, half of them are daily active users. Thus, marks the largest ever online dating website catering exclusively for biker singles, which means singles will have a much greater chance to have a compatible match on this website. Some may hold a suspicious attitudes towards the sheer volume of the data base with the argument that quantity doesn’t stand for its quality. It might be true with other biker dating sites, but not so with By requiring users to submit the picture of their ID card and conducting a series of research manually, every user’s identity is safely verified. So far, hasn’t gotten any complain or reports related to fake or scams., famous for being the best bikers’ match makers, is sparing no efforts in becoming the biggest professional network for motorcycle enthusiasts. Because the website understands in order to connect different individuals, the key lies in their common ground, in another word, the shared passion. Therefore the highlight of the website-a variety of chat rooms and forums where only biker related topics are permitted-were created to promote the understanding among different users. According to over a thousand reviews from users who have already found love on the website, it is by communicating with other users on that they share the joy of riding motorcycle or even meet the special one.

No matter you are looking for biker friends, riding companionship or biker dates, will always be one of the best options for you for its massive member base, unique features and better value premium membership. Unlike other online dating sites who require users to swipe its credit card while signing up, Harley Dating Site offers a three month trial for free. After a few minutes of registration process, you will be all ready to give it a shot!

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The art of texting on Harley motorcycle dating websites

Whenever Harley motorcycle online dating is concerned, the most raised problem is texting. Since at the very early stage even before two single Harley riders meet each other in person, texting is the only way every Harley motorcycle enthusiast can possibly convey their affection to each other, However, it is true that it can gets a bit impersonal within merely a lengthy line of letters, and it is even more confusing when your dream female Harley rider or male Harley rider sends you a five-paragraph-long text, or just one word. In order to help our Harley motorcycle riders to express accurately what they want to convey and avoid causing any misunderstanding, our website now provide a few basic motorcycle biker dating guidance that will effectively guide Harley motorcycle riders through the confusions.

1.Get to know his/her texting habits and avoid being impersonal with your messages
Every Harley men and Harley women differs from person to person, so does their texting style. Some might be a heavy texter, and others prefer to talk on the phone or even in person. Therefore, at the initial stage of flirtation, do not send short one-word text such as “k”, “sure”, “cool”. There is no problem to send a shortened text unless you have already been knowing each other for ages. Otherwise it can be mistaken for being cold or disinterest regardless the fact that you are a light texter.

2.Match the tone with your Harley motorcycle date while texting.
It is probably one of the most crucial yet effective Harley motorcycle dating trick yet to be offer. If the Harley motorcycle lover that you are catting with use a lot of cute emojis and chat in an enthusiastic tone, no matter how cheesy you think a cute emoji is, try to copy her texting style and avoid being a conversation killer by sending a formal message that you are used to. Always keep in mind that matching his/her texting style doesn’t mean that every message should be carefully elaborated, a simple but genuine line of words that shows your excitement and curiosity about the Harley motorcycle relationship can get you a long way.

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BikerPlaent is now the top 1 biker Harley site

BikerPlanet that launched in 2003 is difficult to be surpassed in some aspects like the wonderful search function, great features, active and large member base and intimate services. This sit has a good reputation in Harley biker dating world and it was recommended by Wall Street Journal, ABC and BBC. The design of the site is simple and easy to practice for every one even a new comer. That is why users are more interactive at this site than at other Harley dating site. People comes to the site for enjoying the cool Harley rider lifestyle and communicating with charming biker friends but not fussing on these complicated site functionalities. is such a magical dating site for Harley motorcycle riders that you can find all you wanted and some surprise that you didn’t expected. It is more than that, the website has become a part of users’ daily life especially those who are extremely enthusiastic about biker life and biker culture. At last, you may register and use many service at no cost leaving apart the advanced membership features.

There are a lot of free feature for standard members. The site offers pack of rich functionalities and wondr features for gold members as well. You may choose one of the following package to upgrade membership.

1 month (about $1.00 per day) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $39.95 $29.95 Save 25%
3 months (about $19.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $119.95 $59.95 Save 50%
6 months (about $15.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $239.70 $95.95 Save 60%
Payments can be made using credit, debit, charge and check cards, paypal, a bank check or money order by postal mail.

Site impression and how it works
Biker Planet is a professional, safe and serious Harley dating site that caters to all bikers including Cute local bikers, interesting biker gals, Harley women, adorable bike ladies, Harley chicks and dudes and big burly Harley men. It is customized for not only single motorcycle riders but also someone who want to be backseat passengers. At the first sight of the site, you could know it is a Harley dating site and a biker culture Land. The clear and concise content, the rich and useful features and friendly interface will help you enjoy the biker life and find your potential match easily.

BikerPlanet pays close attention to the safety environment for Harley riders and biker users. Don’t worry about your personal information and payment data. They will not be disclosed for any third part. And there’s a complete and perfect set of measures and policies aimed at protect users from fake ones and scammers or some suspect behavior. Just rest assured, be open and honest to connect to other real biker users.

Customer Services
You can get instant and thoughtful support at any time by 24/7 available phone number and email contact. And there are some standard answers to frequently ask question in FAQ. Dating tips and online counselor can help you to get the professional service about dating and Harley bikers’ life.

Connect to other biker singles
When you find some impressive Harley girls or guys, you must want to contact them and then meet them ASAP. By various means, you can communicate with them directly or try some methods to get attention of them and moved their heart. Firstly, online chat is direct and efficient if they happened to be online. If not, you can send wink/email/greeting card and wait for the reply. Secondly, add them to your favorite list and post comments to their profiles and pictures. Otherwise, you can check blogs and forums to share your biker life experience.

Closing words
Biker Planet is the paradise for single Harley riders who are seeking for another part to share motorcycle riding life with. Here you can easily find potential match who is passion in biker life and biker culture. It’s easier to love than get along with each other. Don’t miss out, Harley Dating Site is worthwhile for a try to find a like-minded biker single and start your biker love life.

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Would women rider like to ride as a Harley motorcycle passenger? is the most big site to provide Harley Davidson singles with professional dating tips and sites, and help single Harley women, men, singles and friends to learn how to date a Harley single. The first question is why so many women like to ride as a passenger of a Harley rider? Do you think girls with their own Fatboy Harley bike would like to ride on the backseat of a man? I will give you some tips about why women like to ride as a Harley motorcycle passenger. You are wlcome to post your comment and let other Harley riders know your ideas.

It cannot be denied that many single women would like to ride on the pillion seat of a cool Harley guy. Some women are very excited when they date with a biker man and get a riding invitation for some joy rides in a sun-shining weekend, especially a invite from a man who ride a Harley motorcycle which supposedly can get some women excited with its engine vibrations. Some women without a motorcycle driving license like the feeling of high-flying on the bike moving in the wind, so they select to date with a motorcycle man on the open road. They spend their life riding on a bike driving by others but never trying to handle a bike once, so they are only good biker wife or perfect rider friend, but not a true sense of biker.

Women would not like to ride on the backseat any more as long as they have learned to navigate a bike by themselves. The feeling of everything under your own control has proved an irresistible magnet to every biker. Another important reason is that all drivers would not like to sit on the seat for passenger because they will feel more safe on the bike driven by themselves. There are two reasons, too. One is that very one has his own special driving habits which may be a huge difference from other riders. Another reason is that the vision of a rider on the backseat position is different from the one of the driver. The dislocation will cause pillion riders to make some wrong judgement. So my advice to you is to trust in the driver and let him operate his bike if you have no choice but riding on the backseat in certain situations sometimes.

Still, how bad is it really to ride on the backseat? It is really not easy for any one to relax and enjoy the scenery along the road when he is a veteran biker as well. Some biker girls can be the heart and soul of a biker group, since they can uniting a great number of male riders around them. Most biker guys may be eager to join a ride event when it is planed by a biker woman in the club. This make them feel they are proud to lead with a group guys who have been riding for many years. As a biker girl, did you ever think about why you have selected to ride your own Harley baby? Share with us and other biker around you to know more about you. Your experience will also help those men or women who are still looking for meet local riders for friendship and even long-term relationship. We are a big family, let us join had to help each other!