I Met My Harley Girl on BikerNext

Whether you believe it or not, I have been single for the better part of my life, which means 28 years. And now, at the age of 30, I’m a husband to my biker women as well as a father to this lovely babe girl of 1 month old. So what happened that has changed my whole life? All stories begins from the famous online Harley dating site called bikernext.com.

If you are a motorcycle man or motorcycle women who have been living a exciting Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, you must have heard the number one free biker dating site. Not only because it has the largest registered member of biker girls and biker men, but also because the elaborately designed features of the professional biker dating website. And as one of the single Harley riders who are aspiring for a romantic experience, I signed up after countless failed attempts when it comes to lead an active social life.

For a Harley man who has been single for his whole life, obviously, he can’t be having much confidence when it comes to approaching a girl. But luckily, thanks to the biker dating tips written by its veteran motorcycle rider and biker chicks and biker dudes who have successfully found their love on bikernext.com, I learned the most essential trick of how to attracting a girl, in another word, the law of attraction between motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude.

One day, a biker babe caught my eye on bikernext.com. Her name is Shirley. As you can guess, she is the motorcycle babe of my life now. I sent her the first message asking a question, as what Shirley would call brilliant. Because, according to my motorcycle babe, tons of motorcycle guys come up to women by saying a simply Hi or Hey, which always lead to the situation of being ignored. Therefore, we started our conversation. The questions full of curiosity about each other went on back and forth and with time, I have gotten to know this motorcycle chick more and more and grown a more profound feeling to this interesting women Harley rider.

The day when she suggested meeting in person, I was actually panicking. Because I know it will be much more hard for me to initiate like I was online while facing a screen. Then I went to the forum section on bikernext.com where you share your own dating experience with the motorcycle lady or motorcycle gentleman. I was lucky enough to read the story of a male Harley eider who has a similar experience as me and I have definitely changed my mindset.

Suit on, I was off to meet this potential biker lady. Nervous? Yea, but you always gotta make the first move right? And surprisingly, things went on well, even me being shy was a way to gain her appreciation.

Believe me, it’s far from a fairy tale, but a true story that any of the Harley girl and Harley guy can have.