The art of texting on Harley motorcycle dating websites

Whenever Harley motorcycle online dating is concerned, the most raised problem is texting. Since at the very early stage even before two single Harley riders meet each other in person, texting is the only way every Harley motorcycle enthusiast can possibly convey their affection to each other, However, it is true that it can gets a bit impersonal within merely a lengthy line of letters, and it is even more confusing when your dream female Harley rider or male Harley rider sends you a five-paragraph-long text, or just one word. In order to help our Harley motorcycle riders to express accurately what they want to convey and avoid causing any misunderstanding, our website now provide a few basic motorcycle biker dating guidance that will effectively guide Harley motorcycle riders through the confusions.

1.Get to know his/her texting habits and avoid being impersonal with your messages

Every Harley men and Harley women differs from person to person, so does their texting style. Some might be a heavy texter, and others prefer to talk on the phone or even in person. Therefore, at the initial stage of flirtation, do not send short one-word text such as “k”, “sure”, “cool”. There is no problem to send a shortened text unless you have already been knowing each other for ages. Otherwise it can be mistaken for being cold or disinterest regardless the fact that you are a light texter.

2.Match the tone with your Harley motorcycle date while texting.

It is probably one of the most crucial yet effective Harley motorcycle dating trick yet to be offer. If the Harley motorcycle lover that you are catting with use a lot of cute emojis and chat in an enthusiastic tone, no matter how cheesy you think a cute emoji is, try to copy her texting style and avoid being a conversation killer by sending a formal message that you are used to. Always keep in mind that matching his/her texting style doesn’t mean that every message should be carefully elaborated, a simple but genuine line of words that shows your excitement and curiosity about the Harley motorcycle relationship can get you a long way.