Tips for Your Biker Babe to Miss You Like Crazy

In the last article we have gave out the online biker dating tips to biker girls and biker guys in order to help them to make their special Harley motorcycle rider miss them. And obviously, making the single Harley rider who is also into Harley Davidson bike riding and Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we have decided to team up with the other 3 largest online Harley dating websites to compile a list of comprehensive and effective online biker dating advice to give biker women and biker man who are on the love-seeking road more constructive suggestions. Without further due let’s get into it in no time!

Simplify your posts on social media.

If you’re one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who is constantly updating social media with your what you are going to do, what you are going to eat or what motorcycle you just bought recently, try to limit the amount you post. According to, the number one online biker dating site, social media is the easiest and most convenient way for biker women and biker man to stay connected, which can be a double-edged knife because it keeps everyone around you updated, however, at the same time, your single Harley rider will not actually miss you because they feel like you are around already with your countless posts. Thus, when you post less or even not at all, your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girl will start wondering what you are doing now and will start reach out to you in no time. On the other hand, limit communication with your biker chick or biker dude on social media as well because it can be even worse than social media posts. If you use social media to talk to your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude when he or she is not around, it is better to stop this method of communication for a while because it can be both plain and passionless. With the other way around, the man biker or women biker will be wanting to hear from you and of course start to miss you.

If you can, end the conversation first and leave your biker partner wanting more.

Alex White, the registered biker user on online motorcycle dating website who has had more than 50 successful dating experience said that Harley women and Harley man who start ending the call or ending the text conversation before their motorcycle biker does have more chance to make the other party miss him or her. This online biker dating tip will work even more if your motorcycle partner is usually the one to say goodbye. In a word, being the first to end the conversation will make both you and your motorcycle partner longing for you more, and keep you on his or her mind until you guys have finally met in person.