Would women rider like to ride as a Harley motorcycle passenger?

Harley Singles is the most big site to provide Harley Davidson singles with professional dating tips and sites, and help single Harley women, men, singles and friends to learn how to date a Harley single. The first question is why so many women like to ride as a passenger of a Harley rider? Do you think girls with their own Fatboy Harley bike would like to ride on the backseat of a man? I will give you some tips about why women like to ride as a Harley motorcycle passenger. You are welcomed to post your comment and let other Harley riders know your ideas.

It cannot be denied that many single women would like to ride on the pillion seat of a cool Harley guy. Some women are very excited when they date with a biker man and get a riding invitation for some joy rides in a sun-shining weekend, especially a invite from a man who ride a Harley motorcycle which supposedly can get some women excited with its engine vibrations. Some women without a motorcycle driving license like the feeling of high-flying on the bike moving in the wind, so they select to date with a motorcycle man on the open road. They spend their life riding on a bike driving by others but never trying to handle a bike once, so they are only good biker wife or perfect rider friend, but not a true sense of biker.

Women would not like to ride on the backseat any more as long as they have learned to navigate a bike by themselves. The feeling of everything under your own control has proved an irresistible magnet to every biker. Another important reason is that all drivers would not like to sit on the seat for passenger because they will feel more safe on the bike driven by themselves. There are two reasons, too. One is that very one has his own special driving habits which may be a huge difference from other riders. Another reason is that the vision of a rider on the backseat position is different from the one of the driver. The dislocation will cause pillion riders to make some wrong judgement. So my advice to you is to trust in the driver and let him operate his bike if you have no choice but riding on the backseat in certain situations sometimes.

Still, how bad is it really to ride on the backseat? It is really not easy for any one to relax and enjoy the scenery along the road when he is a veteran biker as well. Some biker girls can be the heart and soul of a biker group, since they can uniting a great number of male riders around them. Most biker guys may be eager to join a ride event when it is planed by a biker woman in the club. This make them feel they are proud to lead with a group guys who have been riding for many years. As a biker girl, did you ever think about why you have selected to ride your own Harley baby? Share with us and other biker around you to know more about you. Your experience will also help those men or women who are still looking for meet local riders for friendship and even long-term relationship. We are a big family, let us join had to help each other!